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Julien is the co-founder of 1UP Digital Marketing. With 7 years of expertise in digital marketing, he is experienced in search engine optimization, paid advertisement, analytics, usability and more.., he has led successful online campaigns for clients such as 7-Eleven, CBC Radio, Ramada Hotels and Expedia. In his spare time, you will find Julien exploring the outdoors: he loves rock climbing, hiking, backcountry skiing, as well as playing volleyball (indoor and beach) and soccer.

Longer Title and Description length in Google Search Results

Longer Title and Description length in Google Search Results You may or may not have noticed it but Google has discreetly updated its search results to allow for  longer titles and descriptions. Google recently removed the right hand side ads and that has freed some room on the search results page. Consequently, they have widened that page which provides more room for longer title and descriptions. […]

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Let’s Help Fort Mcmurray

Helping Fort Mcmurray The massive fires happening in and around Fort Mcmurray are a tragedy. Families are loosing everything and having to start all over again. There are stories of families grabbing what they could and leaving all of their lives behind. If you are new to the story, the CBC has a good summary. How We Can Help We really want to help. In addition to the donations that we have already made, we want to go above and beyond by giving our services to raise funds for the Red Cross. If your business has a need for gaining more conversions, and also wants to help, then we are a match made in heaven. For $500, 1UP Digital Marketing will perform a detailed User Behaviour Flow Analysis with 100% of proceeds will go to the Red Cross. We will also provide this service for free if you can show us a business receipt for a recent donation to the Canadian Red Cross of $500 or more. This way, we provide your business with valuable insights, we donate our time, and the Red Cross gets a donation. It’s a win-win-win and our way to go above and beyond our monetary donations.  […]

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5 Reasons Why Your SEO Campaign Should Be Long Term

One Off SEO Campaigns Everyone once is a while, we get a call or an email from companies wanting to do a one off SEO campaign. They believe that doing a proper keyword research, adding meta tags and content, fixing technical issues is all that’s required. I don’t blame them. When I first started doing SEO about 9 years ago, I ranked lofasofa.com #1 on Google for the term “sofa bed” within a few months. #2 was Ikea and #3 was Sears. The strategy of keyword research/tags/content was good enough then so I can see why people would still believe that a one off SEO campaign is a good idea. However, when it comes to SEO, you should think long term. Here’s why: 5 Reasons Why SEO Campaigns Should Be Long Terms Algorithms are changing According to Moz, Google changes its algorithm between 500 to 600 times a year. That’s right. That’s almost twice a day! Here is a link to the history of Google Algorithm changes where you can look at all the past changes and maybe (but hopefully not) match a time of a decrease of organic traffic with one of these updates. […]

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We’ve moved! Come say hi!

New Location After 2 and half years on Granville Island, we have made the move to Gastown into a bigger and brighter office! We are able to hear the steamclock from our windows, and have a view of the north shore mountains and the Burrard Inlet from our boardroom. We would love for you to come on by to say hi! We are located at #703 318 Homer Street. Our office […]

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9 Tips to unleash the true power of Google Analytics

Creating a Google Analytics account and adding the code to a site is easy. It will grant you access to a lot of very valuable data. However, the data provided by default is limited. Below are 9 tips (in no specific order) to improve the data and power of your Google Analytics account. 1) Create goals with proper funnels This one is a no-brainer. Creating goals will allow for tracking of the ROI for your digital campaigns and give you insights to aid the decision making process. Creating a proper funnel will allow you to see flaws in the conversion path and opportunities to increase your conversion rate: […]

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1UP has some fun with archery tag

Life is a beach We are a work hard play hard type of agency. Today, from 6.30am to 9am, we went to 6pack for a corporate team building event and ran around in the sand while playing archery tag. Breakfast Television was filming so you can see us in action: http://www.btvancouver.ca/videos/4027777644001/ Highlights At 0:25: You can admire Julien’s teasing dance followed by a failed attempt at catching an arrow. At 0:45: Phil goes for an aggressive run, jumps while firing an arrow, followed by some screaming from an opponent. I believe a successful head shot was to blame for that. […]

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AdWords Extensions: Review or Star rating?

AdWords Extensions Extensions are powerful add-ons to regular Google Adwords ads. They will improve your visibility by taking more real estate space and providing additional information. They result in a boost of CTR (Click Through Rate) when used properly. […]

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