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9 Tips to unleash the true power of Google Analytics

Creating a Google Analytics account and adding the code to a site is easy. It will grant you access to a lot of very valuable data. However, the data provided by default is limited. Below are 9 tips (in no specific order) to improve the data and power of your Google Analytics account. 1) Create goals with proper funnels This one is a no-brainer. Creating goals will allow for tracking of the ROI for your digital campaigns and give you insights to aid the¬†decision making process. Creating a proper funnel will allow you to see flaws in the conversion path and opportunities to increase your conversion rate: […]

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Analytics Audit View: Only View Your IP Address

I have been doing several analytics and tracking audits lately for some large sites, and one method that I use to track traffic is to filter out all external traffic, and only include my own traffic. This lets me: Have clean data to work with Have agile testing environment Not interfere with other Google Analytics profile goals Here are the steps for creating a view that only shows your traffic in Google Analytics: […]

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