Make Your Ads Unique With 3 Simple Tips

How To Stand Out From The Crowd With Black Friday and Cyber Monday approaching, one of the busiest times of the year in the marketing world has taken off. Each digital marketer is trying to reach the same objective: creating attractive ads in order to ensure high click-through-rates and finally, soaring online sales. […]

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Effective Google AdWords for Nonprofits

How Nonprofits Benefit From A Successful PPC Strategy Without Spending A Fortune Capturing attention and spreading ideas across the Internet is not easy for nonprofits and charities. There are an enormous amount of charity websites that compete against each other for best visibility on a search engine result page. After all, with 3.5 billion Google searches every day, who doesn’t want to get the chance to spread its message and raise awareness for his own organization?  […]

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Google Announces Big AdWords Changes In May 2016: Longer Text Ads, Local Search Ads & More

  Last week at the Performance Summit, Google announced some major changes coming to the AdWords platform. These changes are being rolled out as we speak, and will start popping up in the following months. Here is a quick highlight of the main changes that are coming to Google search and display network. […]

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Google Has Removed Right Hand Side Ads

What Happened To The Right Side Ads? As of February 22nd, Google has removed the standard search ads from the right hand side of search results. Here is what it looks like for a search like “Vancouver Insurance”: […]

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3 Remarketing Strategies To Avoid

Retargeting (AKA Remarketing) is one of those innovations that changed the digital marketing landscape. Both for the positive and the negative. This article will explain what it is, how to do remarketing effectively, and provide a few ideas of how to implement it. […]

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AdWords Extensions: Review or Star rating?

AdWords Extensions Extensions are powerful add-ons to regular Google Adwords ads. They will improve your visibility by taking more real estate space and providing additional information. They result in a boost of CTR (Click Through Rate) when used properly. […]

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