Project Description

Optimizing Adwords to transform ROI

Client challenge

Robinson Lighting & Bath Centre sells high-quality lighting, kitchen and bath fixtures. The Canadian retailer targets discerning buyers looking for a unique look. They had identified clear marketing goals and target demographics in their 2015 marketing plan.

However, they did not feel that the traffic brought to the site from Google Adwords at that time showed enough value to justify continuing with Adwords with that setup. They challenged us to drive more qualified traffic to their website and improve their Adwords ROI.

How we helped

After a detailed audit of the online campaigns, we recommended restructuring the entire account. Our focus was on improving:

  • Traffic quality: Bounce rate, number of pages per visit, average time on site
  • Account performance: Cost per Click, Click Through Rate
  • Conversions: Number of conversion, Cost per acquisition

Adwords audit

Robinson Lighting & Bath Centre is not an ecommerce website. The main goals of the site are to showcase the line of products from high-end designer brands, share content from their experts, and bring visitors to their showrooms across Canada. However, we found that, historically, every adgroup, keyword and ad type (search and display) had been grouped under one single campaign with a lack of relevance and focus.

After a detailed audit of the current account, we established that this approach would not help the client meet their goal. This audit was the key to building Adwords campaigns that aligned with their goals.

Switch to targeted campaigns

We separated the one campaign into nine campaigns (one per showroom) to control budget and conversions more efficiently. Each new search campaign is composed of several adgroups with tightly themed keywords to ensure maximum relevancy with the ad copy and landing pages. Keywords match types were changed to a mix of modified broad match, phrase match and exact match.

We also split search and display into their own campaigns and started building a remarketing list to promote new lines of products to their existing target audience.

In order to boost the CTR, we also added ad extensions to each campaign:

  • Location Extension: Breaking down campaigns by location allows us to use the location extension for local based searches.
  • Sitelinks: these additional links can be used to promote different line of products as well as boosting promotions.
  • Callouts
  • Call: Each campaign displays the phone number of the showroom in that city.


After 4 months of running the new structure, we are presenting a “before and after” performance summary of the Adwords account.

The results of the Adwords account rebuild saw a dramatic decrease of the number of impressions and sessions and an increase of the average CPC. The majority of the sessions from the old setup were generated by unqualified cheap display traffic due to the lack of targeting so those changes were to be expected with a switch to targeted search campaigns. Those three metrics alone make it look like the rebuild had a negative impact on the account’s performance:

However, the main goal of Robinson Lighting & Bath Centre was to bring more qualified visitors to the site. In order to define qualified visitors, we looked at the CTR, bounce rate, number of pages viewed per session, average session duration, conversions and cost per conversion. Let’s look at the “before and after” performance comparison based on those metrics:

Those metrics clearly demonstrate a huge increase in quality of traffic and encouraged Robinson Lighting & Bath Centre to be very aggressive with their KPI goals for the following year.

We are very pleased with the increased quality of visitors to our website, who are now engaging in our content and meeting our objectives. 1UP’s detailed audit and improvements are now informing even more aggressive metrics for next year – to improve our content and continue to build quality relationships with our clients.
Catherine Metrycki, Director, Marketing, Robinson Lighting & Bath Centre

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