Life is a beach

We are a work hard play hard type of agency. Today, from 6.30am to 9am, we went to 6pack for a corporate team building event and ran around in the sand while playing archery tag. Breakfast Television was filming so you can see us in action:


    • At 0:25: You can admire Julien’s teasing dance followed by a failed attempt at catching an arrow.
    • At 0:45: Phil goes for an aggressive run, jumps while firing an arrow, followed by some screaming from an opponent. I believe a successful head shot was to blame for that.

  • At 1:55: Phil and Julien are coming up with elaborate plans while turning their back from the action and getting hit in the back.  We were called “fair game”. Alright. We’ll pay better attention next time.
  • At 4:01: Julien fires an arrow into the commentator who is not actually playing the game.
  • At 4:52: Phil and Julien mix it up and throw volleyballs instead of arrows. Keeping it real!
  • At 6:23: Phil nails down the camera man causing an earthquake effect for a few seconds.
Phil jumping shot during our corporate event at 6Pack.

Phil jumping shot during our corporate event at 6Pack.