Social Media Marketing

Be where your customers are

Social media has evolved way beyond an engagement and conversation medium. Depending on your audience and business, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social platforms are now serious promotional and sales tools.

However, with new social media channels appearing all the time, and older ones constantly updating their capabilities, it can be hard to keep up with which channels you should use, and how you should use them.

Why 1UP?

  • We stay up-to-date with what’s new so you don’t have to
  • We ensure your social marketing activities align with your other marketing activities, and are the right ones for your business and audience

Social marketing services

In an ever-evolving online world, let us do the research and come up with a strategy that fits your industry and, most importantly, your brand and audience.

Channel selection

We can help you select which channels are right for your business based on where your customers and prospects like to hang out. You need to be where they are.

Social media best practices

How often should you post updates? What tones should you use? How should you handle negative comments? We’ll help you grapple with the different best practices for the channels you use.

Make social work for you

Let’s discuss your options and uncover the right digital approach for your business.

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