Best PPC & SEM Reporting Tools

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Feeling a little frazzled after a summer spent migrating from Universal Analytics to GA4? Starting to question what the single source of truth is in your PPC data? We hear you loud and clear. That’s why we’ve put together our list of the best PPC & SEM reporting tools that agencies, or anyone who cares about marketing, should be using in 2023.

Marketing Reports & Dashboards


Agency Analytics

Source: Agency Analytics

AgencyAnalytics primarily caters to marketing agencies (no surprise there). It is designed to help agencies manage and report on multiple client accounts with multiple marketing services. It specializes in integrating with a wide range of digital marketing platforms and tools, including SEO, PPC, social media and more. It simplifies the process of gathering data from various sources and is easy to connect Google data sources. Learn about AgencyAnalytics.

Looker Studio (formerly known as Google Data Studio)

Looker Studio

Source: Looker Studio

Stay with us on this one – yes, Google’s Looker Studio has its limitations but it is still one of the most familiar ways to present data. When used in partnership with APIs such as Power My Analytics and Supermetrics (which in our opinion is a must), then the marketing reports are much more powerful. Worth noting – it’s not been specifically designed with marketers and agencies in mind – it’s considered more of a data visualization tool. See Looker Studio visualizations.


Whatagraph home page

Source: Whatagraph

A connector and visualizer in one, Whatagraph is a marketing reporting and analytics platform that leverages automation & collaboration to make creating multiple marketing reports simpler. We like that it allows users to set up alerts and notifications for significant changes in marketing metrics. This helps in quickly identifying and addressing issues or opportunities (and is also useful when multiple users are feeding into a report). Learn about Whatagraph.

Data Source Connectors for PPC Marketing Reports



Source: Supermetrics

Supermetrics is used by big and small businesses and brands worldwide. The biggest draws for marketers are its large number of data connectors and a focus on more automation, less manual work. It is typically used in collaboration with Looker Studio, BigQuery, and Google Sheets. Learn more about Supermetrics.

Power My Analytics


Source: PowerMyAnalytics

This is a data source connector, which promises “If we don’t have a source you need, let us know – we can build it!” Power My Analytics offers sleek dashboards and templates that are geared towards marketers. The list of data connectors includes Google Analytics, Google Ads, Meta Ads, Microsoft Advertising, and many more. See Power My Analytics.

Specific PPC & SEM Reporting Tools

Optmyzr for PPC Reporting


Source: Optmyzr

This is a powerful PPC tool that has the primary objective of helping marketing teams and agencies speed up PPC optimizations through a powerful set of workflows and blueprints. However, it also has an impressive reporting feature that will churn out PPC reports in minutes and can be scheduled to run monthly. These are a great complement to wider marketing reporting. Learn more about Optmyzr’s reporting feature.

SEMRush for SEO Reporting


Source: SEMRush

Agencies and marketing departments tend to sit in one of four camps: the SEMRush users, the Ahrefs users, the MOZ users, and the others (shout out to Mangools!) SEMRush can be overwhelming to new users but it still has comprehensive SEM reporting tools, with dedicated PPC and SEO features, though we find the SEO reporting more powerful. SEMRush has dedicated agency solutions for reports, covering top-level SEO through to more granular reporting on backlinks, site audits, competitor analysis, position tracking & more. Learn more about SEMRush Reporting & Analysis.

Conclusion: Best PPC & SEM Reporting Tools

In the ever-evolving realm of digital marketing, clarity and precision in reporting are paramount. In this blog, we’ve uncovered the best PPC & SEM reporting tools for agencies and marketers, providing solutions to the challenges of data migration and marketing data integrity. From AgencyAnalytics to SEMRush, these reporting tools will be your allies in navigating this dynamic landscape. By embracing these tools, marketers will be armed with the insights needed to make informed decisions and excel in the year ahead.

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