3 SEO Tactics That Make Your Organic Ranking Drop

Find Out Which Tactics Work Best SEO trends come and go - like unpredictable waves. [...]

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The Truth About Guaranteed First Page Rankings

The Truth About Guaranteed First Page Rankings? The Value Is Not Always There. Let’s admit it: everyone’s dream is to see their website, landing page or blog ranking on the first page of search engines for really popular searches. In fact, this is how search engine optimization started. It was about optimizing your web page in order to gain as much visibility as possible on search engine result pages. […]

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Easy SEO for Small Businesses

How to Gain More Customers through Google No Time for SEO When thinking about SEO (search engine optimization), many small businesses tend to underestimate its importance. Their focus lies mainly on daily tasks and operations aimed at keeping the business afloat. It may seem that there is no time for web performance development and maintenance, however, it is important to think about how you can increase brand awareness and website traffic as a new business. The right tool for achieving these two goals has three letters: SEO. […]

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Essential Website Redesign SEO For Web Designers

The Redesign Scenario Having a fresh new client is an exciting time, your creative juices start flowing, and great ideas start coming to mind that would really wow your client. The client loves the new look of the site, and you get the go ahead to launch, it is an exciting time. Then something happens, the client mentions that the phones have stopped ringing, the lead forms and e-commerce store has really slowed down, and they want to know what happened. […]

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SEO Checklist For 2016

There are many factors to consider when getting started with an SEO plan, this list [...]

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5 Reasons Why Your SEO Campaign Should Be Long Term

One Off SEO Campaigns Everyone once is a while, we get a call or an email from companies wanting to do a one off SEO campaign. They believe that doing a proper keyword research, adding meta tags and content, fixing technical issues is all that’s required. I don’t blame them. When I first started doing SEO about 9 years ago, I ranked #1 on Google for the term “sofa bed” within a few months. #2 was Ikea and #3 was Sears. The strategy of keyword research/tags/content was good enough then so I can see why people would still believe that a one off SEO campaign is a good idea. However, when it comes to SEO, you should think long term. Here’s why: 5 Reasons Why SEO Campaigns Should Be Long Terms Algorithms are changing According to Moz, Google changes its algorithm between 500 to 600 times a year. That’s right. That’s almost twice a day! Here is a link to the history of Google Algorithm changes where you can look at all the past changes and maybe (but hopefully not) match a time of a decrease of organic traffic with one of these updates. […]

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5 Local SEO Essentials When Moving Locations

Throughout the life of a business, there will be times when it is essential to change locations and up-size or downsize their office. When this happens, their online profiles are often an afterthought. This delay in keeping your online profiles up to date can cost you in this hyper sensitive localization focused age. In addition to updating profiles there are some extra steps that should be taken in order to ensure that your business has the edge when it comes to local listings. We just moved offices ourselves, and wanted to share some steps to make it easier to retain your hard earned rankings and listings, so without further ado, here are 5 areas that will help ensure that your local listings are carried over, and that your business will have and edge when it comes to local SEO: […]

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The Top 5 SEO Tips For Website Designers and Developers

SEO is often an afterthought for website designers and developers. They have deadlines and deliverables on functionality and ascetics, and often don’t have the time to figure out how to make a site rank well and retain traffic. The two most common scenarios that designers and developers find themselves in are the website “update” or the new website develmopment. Most of these recommendations can be applied to both scenarios, but some notes are specifically for those that are updating a website from an older version. So with no further delay, here are the top 5 tips for website designers and developers. […]

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The Future Trends Of SEO

Recently, Search Engine Land wrote an article that asked some of the SEO industry’s heavy hitters what they think the next trends will be in the SEO world. Some great experts contributed, including Rand Fishkin, Danny Sullivan, Barry Schwartz and many more. […]

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