Email Marketing

Connect throughout the customer journey

Contrary to what you might have heard, email is alive and kicking. Big brands and small businesses alike still use email to:

  • nurture leads through the buying journey
  • keep customers informed
  • promote new products and services
  • increase sales
  • amplify marketing and social content.

Why 1UP?

  • We take a holistic view and ensure your email campaigns are aligned with your other digital marketing efforts
  • We focus on your audience, gaining an understanding of when to email them—and when not to

Email marketing services

Email marketing integration with RSS feeds, Survey Monkey, Google Analytics, Salesforce and other tools can play a big role in promoting your brand and boosting your sales.

Email strategy

We can devise a targeted email marketing strategy that aligns with both your digital and traditional marketing efforts.

Email marketing integration

From adding email sign-up forms in the right places on the right pages for the best response to integrating your email analytics with your website analytics, we will ensure your email marketing efforts are optimized properly.

Use email more effectively

Let’s discuss your options and uncover the right digital approach for your business.

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