Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Get targeted traffic with paid ads

Targeted pay-per-click (PPC) search marketing can complement your organic search traffic. It involves buying ads by bidding on relevant keywords people use to search the web. These ads show up prominently on search engine results pages and/or websites and social media platforms your audience visit.

PPC has several advantages, including:

  • Drive instant traffic to your website—especially useful for a new or updated site
  • Target specific demographics to get the most bang for your digital marketing buck
  • Easily control your budget and adapt your strategy based on factors such as seasonality, promotions and business needs or opportunities.
  • Track keyword data to provide insights that can help bolster your SEO strategy (organic keyword data no longer gets passed to analytics software)

Why 1UP?

We customize each campaign for your objectives, scaling up to different platforms or to cater to different audiences as needed
We ensure you receive a return on investment for each campaign, and work hard to achieve this

PPC services

There is a large range of PPC platforms to choose from. We have extensive experience with:

PPC campaign management

The secret to PPC success is ongoing management to enable you to refine your approach in real time to improve results.

Ad type and platform selection

We can find the best types of ads to suit your audience and business needs, including:

  • Site retargeting
  • Facebook, Twitter and other social media advertising
  • Mobile advertising
  • Display ads
  • Google, Yahoo and Bing search ads

Campaign optimization

We can audit and optimize your existing PPC campaigns, potentially saving you thousands in wasted marketing budget.

Drive qualified traffic

Let’s discuss your options and uncover the right digital approach for your business.

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