What Makes 1UP One of the Top SEO Companies?

Best SEO Company in Canada- Clutch

When looking for the Top SEO agency in Canada or a Vancouver-based digital marketing agency, You want a team that can come in and seamlessly integrate with your staff. It’s about finding a partner that acts as an extension of your marketing department when it comes to your SEO strategy.

At 1UP Digital Marketing, we take our client’s relationship seriously. We know first-hand that hard work and proactive communication are key in building lasting partnerships, which is why we strive to keep our team agile and experienced. Without project managers getting in the way, our clients always have a direct line to digital pros.

That commitment to client communication is really what separates us from the competition, and it’s probably why we’ve earned a spot on Clutch’s annual list of Best SEO Agencies in Canada! It’s an incredible opportunity for us:

“We are excited to be recognized by Clutch, and we look forward to working with them to better showcase our work.” —Phil Caines, Co-Founder

If you hadn’t heard, Clutch is an independent B2B marketplace for service providers around the global. Their mission is to help buyers make informed buying decisions when seeking services. They analyze a company’s market presence, industry experience, and ability to deliver to produce ranked directory pages.

But the backbone of their process is verified client reviews. Clutch’s team has reached out to our past clients to collect 15-minute interviews about our projects. They edit that information into a comprehensive written review, showing readers what it’s really like working with us.

Recently, we earned a 5-star review from a primary care clinic group for our SEO and Paid ads services. They praised us for exceeding goals and consistent results over the years, as well as gaining better conversion rates with a recent conversion rate optimization (CRO) project.


Our high review score has also allowed us to be featured on Clutch’s list of Digital Marketing Agencies in Vancouver.

We proud of our client feedback and are excited to earn more reviews through Clutch!

Looking for the Top SEO Firms in Canada?

If you’re on the prowl, looking for a Digital Marketing Agency, then look no further. Our SEO experts are happy to help you explore the different ways we can support your SEO campaigns and grow your organic traffic to your website, whether it’s keyword research, technical SEO, link building or a full SEO Strategy. And don’t worry, we talk geek and human (also French, Hindi, Punjabi, and Laotian).