Google AdWords Wishlist

Yesterday was my birthday, and let’s just say I’m not a kid any more (although my wife might disagree with that statement). I don’t really get asked what I want for my birthday any more, so I’m going to share what I want. If Google reads this blog, which I know the Googlebots do, maybe some of my birthday wishes will come true. Here is a list of “geek wishes” for my birthday: […]

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3 Remarketing Strategies To Avoid

Retargetting (AKA Remarketing) is one of those innovations that changed the digital marketing landscape. Both for the positive and the negative. This article will explain what it is, how to do remarketing effectively, and provide a few ideas of how to implement it. […]

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AdWords Extensions: Review or Star rating?

AdWords Extensions Extensions are powerful add-ons to regular Google Adwords ads. They will improve your visibility by taking more real estate space and providing additional information. They result in a boost of CTR (Click Through Rate) when used properly. […]

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