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Regaining Valuable Market Share

About AllCleared

AllCleared is the leading company providing record suspension and travel visas for people looking to travel between the US and Canada with a criminal record. They are a team of pardon and immigration experts and have helped over 100,000 clients start fresh since 1989. They are trusted leaders in the industry, offering people new beginnings whether that is by means of a record suspension, a US or Canadian entry waiver, or immigrating to Canada. AllCleared has established invaluable and unique relationships with police agencies, the Parole Board of Canada, the Canadian Centre for Police Information (CPIC), Canadian Immigration & Citizenship (CIC), the Department of Homeland Security, and courthouses across North America to help facilitate seamless travel.

Client Challenge

As competition grew, some started copying the company’s original name “Pardon Services Canada”, their website, and business model. The company was struggling to keep up with the competitor’s aggressive behaviour and it was losing valuable market share it acquired early on.

Our Digital Marketing Strategy

In order to regain the market share AllCleared lost and to overtake their competitors, we focused on a comprehensive digital marketing campaign as follows:



Azmairnin Jadavji_CEO of All Cleared

1UP did an exceptional job optimizing our online marketing program. They were able to lower our cost per conversion an impressive 40% in just six months. They have a bigger picture view of promoting businesses online. In our particular case, they suggest forums to contribute to, research our competitor’s strategies, build remarketing campaigns, and more. With their knowledge of coding, they are also able to troubleshoot our website and landing pages and make technical tweaks. We enjoy working with 1UP and would definitely recommend them to businesses looking to boost their effectiveness online.

Azmairnin Jadavji, CEO, AllCleared

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