Project Description

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Gaining Brand Recognition & Increasing Revenue

About PeapodMats

PeapodMats is a women-owned e-commerce company that sells reusable bedwetting & incontinence mats. They are two moms, who from their own experiences needed a good quality re-usable waterproof mat for their toddlers and older children. They needed something they could use for bedwetting but was easy to manage and thus, PeapodMats was born! The Peapod team presented on season 10 of Dragons’ Den and made a deal with Manjit Minhas.

Client Challenge

PeapodMats gained brand recognition in Canada after appearing on Dragons’ Den, however, US sales were still low on their website. They had been running limited ads in the past and wanted to reach new audiences, especially in the US, and grow website revenue.

Our Digital Marketing Strategy

In order to increase brand recognition in Canada and the US for PeapodMats, our digital marketing strategy included:


Comparing the digital marketing performance of PeapodMats from one year to the next, we saw the following success:


PeapodMats Co founders Liz Amanda

We have been working with 1UP since 2020 and have developed a strong team relationship with our assigned account representatives. Their dedication to branding our company through social media is achieved through learning everything about our company and educating themselves on a not so sexy topic pee!   They have provided valuable insight into our target market and continue to stay current on social media changes and work around all the obstacles for us to increase our sales.  The 1UP team is trusting and reliable and follows through on every task assigned.  We wouldn’t be able to stay on top of the ongoing and ever-changing demands of social media without them!

Co-founders, Amanda & Liz, PeapodMats

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