Project Description

Regaining Valuable Market Share

Client challenge

AllCleared is the leading company providing record suspension and travel visas for people looking to travel between the US and Canada with a criminal record.

As competition grew, some started copying the company’s original name “Pardon Services Canada”, their website and business model. The company was struggling keeping up with the competitor’s aggressive behaviour and it was losing valuable market share it acquired early on.

How we helped

In order to regain the market share AllCleared lost and to overtake their competitors, we focused on a comprehensive digital marketing campaign focusing on:

  • New corporate identity
  • New website launch
  • SEO
  • Paid campaigns

New corporate identity

In order to stand out from the copycats, we came up with a new name for the company: AllCleared. This change was significant so that the audience would be able to differentiate between the “real” company and the competitors.

New Website

With the new business name launch, we developed a new website and made sure the transition from the old to the new version progressed smoothly. We also redid the old website a couple of times over the few years we worked together.

We ran some user testing and usability tests using third party tools to see how users were interacting with the previous page to help create a new redesign meeting users’ needs.

We streamlined the tracking and conversion funnels so that we could monitor the web performance more effectively.


We implemented website optimization strategies in order to ensure that the website ranked well organically.

Paid Campaigns

We created paid campaigns for AdWords, Bing and Facebook to reach a broader audience.


We implemented several tracking tools in order to understand visitor behaviour and provide insightful reports on a regular basis.

Besides paid campaigns, we also helped them with their email marketing program.


Comparing the digital marketing performance of AllCleared from the previous year to  the new year, we saw following results:

Organic results: After launching, transitioning and optimizing the new site, we saw a 30% increase in traffic and a 45% increase in new leads. Additionally, the new site ranked and converted better.

Paid campaigns: We saw a 175% increase of paid traffic with a decreased budget by 0.27%, meaning that we were able to stretch their budget a lot further and get them more bang for their bucks. This resulted in a 64% increase in new leads with a 40% lower cost per acquisition.

Paid campaigns became their #1 source of leads and a big success.

Julien Simon did an exceptional job optimizing our online marketing program. He was able to lower our cost per conversion an impressive 40% in just six months. He has a bigger picture view of promoting businesses online. In our particular case, he suggests forums to contribute to, researches our competitor’s strategies, builds re-marketing campaigns and more. With his knowledge of coding, he is also able to troubleshoot our website and landing pages and make technical tweaks. We enjoy working with Julien and would definitely recommend him to businesses looking to boost their effectiveness online.
Azmairnin Jadavji, CEO, AllCleared

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