Project Description


Website Migration and Google Ads Account Restructuring

About Discover Canada Tours

Discover Canada Tours is a family-owned and operated tourism agency in Vancouver. As a leading tour operator in Western Canada, Discover Canada Tours connects travellers to communities through sustainable tourism and fosters human connections in authentic, year-round travel experiences throughout Canada and the Pacific Northwest. Discover Canada Tours is committed to providing their customers with unforgettable, safe adventures for the best value.

Client Challenge

Discover Canada Tours’ biggest challenge was that only 10% of tour bookings were being driven by their website with a majority of sales coming from affiliates. To drive more direct bookings, they were looking for an audit of their website tracking and analytics, a restructure of their Google Ads account, assistance with reacquiring lost Facebook assets, and assistance with a full site migration.

Our Digital Marketing Strategy

Our campaign ideas included a Google Analytics 3 audit and Google Analytics 4 set-up as follows:


Comparing the digital marketing performance of Discover Canada Tours over a 6 month period compared to the previous year, we saw the following success:


Alicia Luna, Marketing & Communications Coordinator, Discover Canada Tours

We have been working with Julien and James from 1UP and we are happy with the results. They combine great knowledge and years of experience with professionalism, efficiency and fast communication. They helped us with the digital upscaling of several of our brands and gave good results.

Alicia Luna, Marketing & Communications Coordinator, Discover Canada Tours

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