Project Description

Gaining a Google AdWords Grant

Client challenge

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers is a not-for-profit, community organization governed by a 13-member volunteer board of directors. Their goal is to further the well being of those in Winnipeg and the surrounding areas through sport and other community involvement initiatives. As a non-profit, operation budgets and marketing dollars are limited, and the Winnipeg Blue Bombers were looking for ways to increase awareness of their initiatives while keeping to a set budget.

How we helped

After consultations with the Blue Bomber’s senior management, a proposal was put forward to gain an AdWords Grant for the Blue Bombers that would focus on:

  • Awareness: Educating the public on everything from amateur football, transportation options to the latest standings on the team.
  • Sales: Identify consumer interests that match up with set ticketing options ranging from family nights to season tickets.
  • Merchandise: Increasing the exposure to the Blue Bombers’ latest merchandise line.

AdWords Grant

Working with the Blue Bombers’ management team, 1UP Digital Marketing was able to gather the required legal documents and facilitate the application for the Google AdWords Grant. We were successful in securing $10,000 USD per month for the Blue Bombers Organization to utilize on their AdWords search campaigns.

Campaign Set-up

We created 3 campaigns that focused on the identified focus areas as well as a Branded campaign that would help funnel traffic to high importance pages. Each campaign had an average of 10 sub-AdGroups underneath the main campaign to help narrow the focus of the campaign and increase the relevancy if the campaign.

Campaign Enhancements

In order to push the limits of the capabilities of the campaign, 1UP enabled dynamic ad customizers that would automatically update ad copy to reflect the next team that the Blue Bombers were playing at home, and had a count-down timer for the amount of time left to purchase a ticket for the game, which added urgency.

Blue Bombers

In order to boost the CTR and drive more sales, we also added the following Ad Extensions to each campaign:

  • Price Extension: Showcasing the different pricing options for tickets.
  • Sitelinks: These additional links were used to promote key pages on the website.
  • Callouts: Used to announce recent news and roster updates.
  • Call: Each campaign displays the phone number to directly purchase tickets over the phone.


In the months leading up to the season and into the middle of the season, 1UP Digital Marketing was able to deliver over 35,000 additional visitors to the website with an average CTR of 4.25% despite there being a limitation on the maximum keyword bid allowed on the non-profit account. This resulted in a 13% increase in total site traffic despite decreases in Organic and Social traffic compared to the year before, without drastically increasing their marketing budget.

The metrics clearly demonstrated a huge increase in quality traffic and sales for the football season.

1UP Digital Marketing were instrumental in securing the Google AdWords Grant for our organization, and were able to increase the number of visitors to our site. Phil and his team were very professional to work with, and are really experts in what they do.
Wade Miller, President & CEO, Winnipeg Blue Bombers

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